Rules- Bed & Breakfast Zaldu

All our guests have the same treatment within the house, however, for better care, we ask you to consider the following general rules.

All our guests must register at reception and pay the amount corresponding to the requested room, before entering.

The departure time from the house is at 12:00 h.

Unregistered persons are not allowed to enter the rooms.

If you wish to extend your stay, notify the reception.

The property is not responsible for personal losses inside the house.

The intake of any type of alcoholic beverages or the consumption of narcotic drugs is strictly prohibited.

Disturbing neighbors is prohibited. We reserve the right of expulsion.

Pets are not allowed inside the rooms.

We reserve the right to bill the registered guest for any physical damage caused to the facilities or loss of the house’s own equipment.

The property reserves the right to terminate the accommodation contract, if any of these rules is violated by the.